Echo Photo Tremblant is built around the idea that our families and friends are the most treasured elements of life. The commitments that we make and the length of time that we hold these commitments is unique to the ones we love the most. Photography is a wonderful gift that we can give to ourselves, our families, and our friends. The moments we capture become priceless family treasures, creating echos for generations.

Our internationally awarded wedding photography is photojournalistic in style. Our approach is calm, controlled and responsive to the many elements that make weddings so fun. We prefer to react creatively rather than stage and direct. With 15 years of experience and over 100 weddings captured, we are a reliable partner in the biggest day of your life.

Intimate family portrait sessions create unique memories and help families and couples bond. We work at your pace, taking our cues from you. We realize that some people are more shy than others and that's fine. Again, our style is editorial with a calm and relaxed approach to making you look your best; helping to create memories of your time in Tremblant.

Services are available in either English or French and we are happy to travel to location of choice.